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At Internal Medicine Specialists in Santa Fe, NM, we believe that the key to health is access to your doctor. We accept walk-in patients on a daily basis and we take care of our own patients in the hospital. If you’re sick, please come in.

As a general internal medicine practice, we provide 24-hour on-call services that encompass everything from on-site visits to hospital care. (We can even admit patients to the hospital independently from our office.) We accept walk-in visits for existing patients any time during clinic hours, and for new patients it's often possible to set up an initial visit within 48 hours.

With more than 20 medical professionals on staff, we offer comprehensive, whole-patient care, which includes in-office consultations with nutritionists, cardiologists, orthopedists, and women’s health practitioners. In addition to providing a range of preventive and diagnostic tests, we also perform office-based procedures with no wait times.

If our consultants can't accommodate you immediately—for whatever reason—we will introduce you to someone who can. Because we work side-by-side with local doctors at the hospital, we know who's who and can easily connect you with the right specialist.

Whatever your medical needs, we have you covered.

New Patients


Here are a few things to help you get started.



IMS believes that superior medical care starts with easy access and availability. We accept walk-in visits anytime during clinic hours for patients that need to be seen. We see our Patients inthe hospital when they are sick. We have 24 hour on-call services for patients that need to call in with medical issues. IMS believes that superior medical care starts with easy access and availability. We accept walk-in visits anytime during clinic hours for patients that need to be seen. We see our Patients inthe hospital when they are sick. We have 24 hour on-call services for patients that need to call in with medical issues.




Please download and fill out the form/forms requested by your doctor prior to your arrival.


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The science of nutrition to achieve optimal health.

Our registered dietician, Marianne Gibbs, can help you manage your weight and chronic illnesses by offering customized meal plans and activity programs. She has more than 25 years of experience helping patients control:

  • Diabetes

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Kidney disease (pre-dialysis)

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

  • Weight management 

  • Disease prevention


Feeling “off track” with your eating habits?
Wondering how many calories your body needs?
How  much sodium, fat or fiber to eat?
Overcome a plateau in your weight loss effort?
Need to eat smarter?


Patient Care

  • Comprehensive Internal Medicine

We provide full general medicine care to adults.  Internal Medicine is a Primary Care specialty that focus on caring for adult patients of all ages.  Physicians are board certifieted  (see our experience Here).  We evaluate at treat most medical problrms and make referals to specialist when greater expertise is required.  Additionally, we provide up to date preventitive care with the ability to provide a multititude of in office screening exams.   

  • Walk in visits and same day appointments

Have you ever called an office to find out you can’t get an appointment for three weeks? We believe in addressing issues promptly. This is best achieved by in-person contact and communication. If you are a patient of our practice, we encourage you to come to the office to be seen and your problem evaluated and treated. 

  • 24 hour telephone messages

We have an automated telephone system designed for times that do no require immediate treatment and evaluation. This system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are often able to return calls within one hour during business hours. If you have an urgent problem we are available in the office during business hours.

Women's Health

Sheila Hundley NP-C has many years and expertise in providing care for women. She can keep you up to date with well women exams including pap and breast exams.

Comprehensive Health Services

  •  Carotid Intimal Media Thickness Scans

Carotid Intimal Thickness is an indicator of your cardiovascular risk or your risk of having a stroke or heart attack in the future.  This is a quick and simple test that involves no radiation. This test is often included as part of a vascular screening and can be done simply in our office. The information from this test when combined with other information allows us to make highly personalized risk assessment providing you withthe best information for making health decisions.

  • Abdominal Ultrasounds for Aneurysm

Ever smoked in your life?  You are at increased risk for an enlarged aorta.  We routinely screen our patients for this condition.  This is an ultrasound-based test to identify an enlarged aorta that puts the patient at a significant risk for possible rupture. This test is performed in just a few minutes.  

  • EKG

These are common tests which help diagnose multiple cardiac problems - both electrical and non-electrical. They are done when medically indicated and with yearly physical exams.

  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure

Have you ever been told you blood pressure was high?  Are you reluctant to take medications?  Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring may help make the diagnosis.  Rather than a single reading in our office, this monitor is worn at home for a full day. The monitor collects multiple blood pressure reading both awake and asleep.  Multiple elevated reading or abnormal patterns may help us make a decision about treatment. 

  • Cardiac Holter Monitoring

Cardiac monitoring can often help to find heart problems not previously identified.  This small devices measures and records your heart rhythms outside of the office. This test is indicated when traditional EKGs don’t provide enough information to your doctor. 

  • Cardiology Services

IMS has a skilled cardiology team to assess your heart condition. 

  • Spirometry

Spirometry- this test is the most common of pulmonary function tests and is helpful in assessing conditions such as asthma, COPD, and cystic fibrosis. Specifically, it measures the volume and flow of air that can be exhaled and inhaled. 

  • Joint Injections

This treatment is done to alleviate many inflammatory disorders of the joints. A hypodermic needle with anti-inflammatory agents is injected to the affected area to provide fast relief. 

  • Ultrasound

Ultrasound is state-of-the-art for in-office imaging that does not have any radiation or adverse effects.  Ultrasound is useful in diagnosing many musculoskeletal problems such as shoulder rotator cuff injuries or tendonitis. Ultrasound is available to our paitient for many different diagnostic studies including: carotid arteries, thyroid glad, leg veins and arteries.  Ultrasound is also employed for guided injections, allowing  precise placement of medication.  

  • Skin Biopsy

This is a procedure in which a sample of skin is removed and examined under a microscope. This procedure can assess for skin abnormalities such as infection or cancer. 

  • Injury  Care

Cut you finger while doing dishes?  We have the expertise and supplies to do simple stiches and wound repair in the office.  We have many years experience in treating minor injuries from a sprained or broken ankles to a cut finger.  

  • Wound Care

We are proud to use Wound VAC therapy, which promotes healing through negative pressure. Essentially, this vacuum-type care helps to draw the wound edges together and promote faster healing of the skin by removing infectious material and stimulating granulation. 

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Remorse is a medical laser clinic in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our state-of-the-art Quanta Q-Plus premium laser is designed for tattoo removal only. It is the most efficient and least painful laser available. The tattoo removal laser breaks down the ink in the body then dissolves it naturally and leaves you with spotless skin.

Please visit: tattooremorsesf.com